Hello! I'm Mainak R. Chowdhury, commonly known as RCMainak over the internet. I'm currently working as a Web Developer at Unified Infotech Pvt. Ltd. My day to day work involves PHP & NodeJS, all though I'm keen to learn & love to work with front end technologies as well.

Apart from my professional life, I'm a huge supporter of Free & Open Source Software Movement. Contributing to different open source projects is my hobby. My contribution goes mainly to the Mozilla projects, simply because they have the best open source community. Sometimes I wonder around other communities as well.

My field of interest includes but not limited to Dance, Photography(both moving & still), Movies & Gardening. I love to wear jeans, eat tasty Indian foods, listen to podcasts while traveling. Ubuntu MATE is my primary OS. Sublime Text is the editor of choice. Vim, spaces over tabs, ZSH(with Oh-my-ZSH) is how I describe myself.

Time to time I like to play with hardware & build small things. Often those small initiatives take shape of a full project. Few projects I'm proud of so far,