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About Me...

I'm a Graduate in the field of Coumputer Science & Engineering. Always up for challenging projects. A pround supporter of Free & Open Source Software movement. Wheneven I get some free time I try to contribute to Open Source communities such as Mozilla & DuckDuckGo. My interest includes photography(moving as well as still), music & dance. I've worked on a few interesting projects during my college years.

{ My Recent Works }

TheoreX Logo

TheoreX | A Kolkata based Start-Up

Worked with TheoreX, helped them to make their first draft of the website. They are in their beta as of August 2016. A bunch of wonderful people with high hope of solving some real problems related to education.

Pedagoge Image

PedagogeX | A Kolkata based Start-Up

Helped to make their website look a little bit better, I mainly worked on the frontend of Pedagoge. A company full of awesome & humble people. Got the first opportunity learn how things work in a startup.